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Being Compatible in Lesbian Dating

There are components to every relationship.

Many people feel that lesbian dating is easy because they think — Hey, they’re both women, so they should get along in a relationship, after there is a friendship! This is no more true than when two heterosexual people of the opposite sex meet and are friends, with no love or sexual interest with each other. Just because two people like each other as friends, no matter their sexual orientation, does not mean that they will eventually become lovers. If this were the case, everyone who enjoyed a friendship would eventually date — and this is simply not possible, let alone advisable. So how does being compatible make a difference in lesbian dating?

Sharing Common Interests

One way that you can know if you are compatible when you meet at a lesbian dating site is when you share common interests. This gives you a starting point for conversations; and when you decide to meet in real life, you can do these activities on your dates. There are a wide variety of interests you could have, such as watching sports, going shopping or talking over a good book at a coffee shop. In some cases there may not be any common interests but instead simply an attraction between you two. In that case you may want to find interests that you can share, because physical attraction is not the only issue in a good relationship.

Physical Attraction Does Play a Part

While sharing common interests is important for a solid relationship and can help you to be compatible with your lover, physical attraction is important too. If you see a profile on an online lesbian dating site and you are not at all attracted to the person, then it doesn’t matter what the common interests are. This is not to say that you could not grow to like or even love that person, but it is human nature to go with the first impression. What you need to do is find a balance between the physical attraction and the shared interests in order to have a totally compatible relationship.

Turning Friendship into Love

You may have started chatting with someone you did not think that you would be compatible with at your lesbian online dating site. She contacted you, and over the course of time you have become friends. It seems as though you start thinking about her more often and suddenly you realize that you have feelings for her. Can friendship indeed turn into love? Of course it can — and these are some of the strongest relationships you will have. When you go from being friends into lovers, then you know you have a relationship that will stay strong and that can stand the test of time.

How to Successfully Browse Profiles

OK, so now you know some hints about compatibility and how being compatible with your love interest can make your relationship strong. So how does that translate into finding love at an online dating site? When you are looking through profiles, you should look for those that both attract you physically AND where you share the same interests. Do not discount someone who contacts you if attraction is weak because even if you do not build a relationship she may end up being a good friend. Friendship is foundation; and it lasts long. It is part of most long-term relationships.


There is not much difference between lesbian dating and other dating scenarios. When you sign up for a lesbian online dating site, you need to go in with an open mind. Look for those ladies who not only attract you physically but who stimulate you mentally too. A strong friendship can be the basis of lifetime love for you and your girlfriend.