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It is amazing how open and supportive society has become about accepting gay and lesbian lifestyles, but there are still quite a few people and whole communities who have been reluctant to accept change in society. Sometimes the people closest to us are the hardest to convince who you really are and how you are independently living your life. Getting your family to accept your lesbian lifestyle can be challenging but it can also be very rewarding.

Family Support

It is always better to have the support and love of your family rather than having a happy lesbian relationship while living secluded, scared and rejected by your family and holding hostilities. There needs to be understanding and comprehension from both sides. Your family remembers you as a little, vibrant girl whom they probably imagined would live a specific kind of life, marry a fantastic man, and give them grandchildren. As a lesbian, you are still going to live an amazing and fantastic life and have grandchildren, but these will come with a woman as the love of your life. However, this change can be devastating to your family whether or not you see it as this world-crashing event.


As lesbians, we should be compassionate about everyone’s feelings, not just our own. Hopefully, this extension of compassion will also be extended to you when you decide to fully come out and show everyone your lesbian lifestyle. This is important because coming out to your family as a Lesbian can be different from opening the door and letting your family see you as a lesbian. So what’s really the difference, you ask?

Managing Traditional Expectations

Parents don’t have the visual of their little girl being with a woman. They may be accepting of the fact that you are gay UNTIL they actually see you demonstrating those romantic feelings with another woman. This can be extremely challenging for parents and siblings. You have to be patient with this transition and help your family to make this mental change. When/if it does, you will see the powerful benefits and the radical change of your family accepting that you are gay and being overwhelmingly loving and supportive of your relationship.

Getting Your Family to Acceptance

Getting your family to accept your lesbian lifestyle can be quite challenging, so we have devised a few tips to help you to overcome this hurdle in your family life.

Be patient. Eat a lot of gum, buy a stress ball or two, and take your aggression out on something that won’t get hurt. You never want to lash out at your family trying to get them to accept life as it is, when this is a whole new scenario for them. Think of your family as it it were a baby — and that you have to tend to them over a long period of time, showing them the ropes. The more patience and understanding that you extend to them, the more you will receive over time.

  1. Make slow introductions. Don’t invite your girlfriend over for the longest family event of the year and have your family deal with it. The slower the introductions the better. Give your family a taste of the person that you are with so that overtime they can build up a relationship and a familiarity with your girlfriend.
  2. Only bring home the keepers. You want to show your family that you are serious about your relationship. Avoid bringing home every date; wait a few months. If your relationship becomes serious, then it is your time to slowly introduce this person into your family life.
  3. Talk about it. Be open with how you live your life. Tell your family about the experiences that you have. Tell them about the date you went on last weekend (good or bad). This will help them to settle into the fact that you see other women without having the visual of being with another woman becoming the overwhelming element in the room.
  4. Engage your family. With serious girlfriends, try to form a relationship between your girlfriend and your family. If your little brother loves to play soccer and your girlfriend is an all-star player, mention how she can help him with his soccer skills. If your girlfriend loves flowers, mention it to your mother who has a phenomenal garden. Knowing these small life facts about your girlfriend will help to soften the mood and how your family feels about your girlfriend. Also, another good reason to throw out these helpful facts about your girlfriend is so that when your family eventually meets this person, they have more to talk about besides her being in a lesbian relationship with their daughter or sister.
  5. Be real. Show the reality of living a lesbian lifestyle. Show people your lifestyle. Tell them about it. How hard or easy it is to be in a relationship because whether or not you are in love with a man or a woman, the relationship part is always the same. There are good times and bad times. There are huge romantic gestures and there is sleezy cheating. The more real you are about the relationship, the more universal your dating experience becomes instead of being coined as being in a lesbian relationship as if a homosexual relationship were different from a heterosexual relationship.

Give Your Family Time to Accept you are a Lesbian

Give your family time to adjust to the fact that you have come out of the closet. Allow them to adjust to this idea slowly and work with them. If this means giving the literature, taking them to events or even going to counseling it is always worth it to have your family understand than to reject you. If you experience rejection, always come back to the idea of sharing your life with them. Never close the door on your side. It can be difficult to be open and honest, but it is also rewarding once your family comes around.

Easing Your Lesbian Partner into Your Family Life

Some individuals will be lucky, having a warm family who is compassionate and understands a lesbian lifestyle while other families may be uncomfortable with the idea. It is your job to make your family see and understand a lesbian lifestyle. Offer them acceptance and compassion by introducing your partner slowly to them until they feel more comfortable. Ask them permission for your girlfriend to join you for Sunday dinner so that there are no surprises and so that your family sees how much you respect them and their feelings.

Teaching Your Family That Happiness is Your Goal

It is not always easy gaining this type of acceptance but it happens with work and dedication to consolidating a family. Every family has their own issues but a lesbian lifestyle does not have to be one of them. Have an open mind and allow your family to observe how happy you are and fulfilled you are in this relationship. Overtime they will see that there isn’t really a big difference between a homosexual and heterosexual relationship. They will see that you are still their little girl and your happiness rules over all else. They will be your support so allow them the chance to adjust to this change.

Family acceptance is more likely if they know specific things about her, like her talents or interests.

It can be a challenge introducing your lesbian partner to your family but it is an event that needs to happen. That does not mean that it needs to happen right away but it is something that you are going to want to do eventually. Remember, whether you are in a homosexual or heterosexual relationship, going home to meet mom and dad is a big deal. It can be nerve wrecking for both sides. If you are in a lesbian relationship, this meeting may be even more stressful. With a few big, deep breaths and some guided steps, introducing your lesbian partner to your family can be a much easier and smoother transition than you have ever known in the past.

Communication is the First Step

Just like in any good relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic, communication is key. Make sure that you communicate to your family the importance of meeting your partner, and practice amply listening to your parents. Sometimes they may not be ready seeing you physically with someone of the same sex romantically. This may not be pleasant news for you to hear, after all of the success you have made by bringing their awareness to this issue and successfully finding acceptance. Nonetheless, be patient and listen to what your family has to say. Maybe in a week or two they will soften up to the idea. It might take a few months. Just let it happen without being forceful about the introduction.
Let your parents know that it is all right for them to ask questions at any time and to, you might say, tutor them to get to know your partner. Don’t make it up to them. Just as it may have been difficult for you to come to the realization that were truly attracted to women, it is difficult for your parents to understand and they do not want to offend you. Let their concerns be heard and not brushed over or dismissed. Lastly, part of accepting you and your lifestyle is arranging a meeting between your family members and your partner. During that meeting, your family gets a push to not just acknowledge your homosexuality but actually come to terms with it, by accepting your partner in ordinary, daily-life interactions.

Be Open About Your Relationship

Many people find it difficult to “translate” their relationship into terms that a heterosexual couple would use so that their family understands. Luckily, there is no need for this type of translation because it is the same. This is an important person who is sharing her life with you. You might be casually dating, dating or quite serious. Let your parents know the status of your relationship. If you are casually dating, you might want to reconsider bringing this person home. It is important that you show your family that you are in a committed and serious relationship as this generally helps families to recognize that in no way is your lifestyle a phase, that you are truly and happily in a lesbian relationship for the long term.
Your parents should never dismiss your relationship — showing that you are in a dedicated relationship often helps to put this message across. Do not allow them to call your girlfriend your mate or your friend, because she is your GIRLFRIEND and should be treated as any girlfriend should be treated whether in a homosexual or heterosexual relationship. Do not allow your parents to treat her as unequal to your brother’s girlfriend or sister’s boyfriend. Make sure that your parents show your girlfriend the same guidelines and respect that they would to your sibling’s significant other. One example of this is if your parents do not allow girlfriends to stay over in the same bedroom, that your girlfriend has different sleeping arrangements or vice versa. This will always vary with the parents’ beliefs and household rules.

The Introduction

There are many ways to introduce your partner. One of the best ways to make an introduction is by introducing your partner a little before she arrives. In the upcoming weeks to the meeting, talk to your parents about your girlfriend in more depth. This will stimulate other points of conversation during the meeting and also help your parents to stop fixating on the fact that your girlfriend is a lesbian and more on the fact that she is a normal person with lots of interests and great things to offer you and her family in the long term.
When your parents feel ready to meet your partner, make sure that you choose a comfortable setting for your parents. This may be in your apartment or in their home. You can also try meeting in a neutral location, such as your parent’s favorite restaurant. You want it to be a place where everyone will feel welcomed and invited. Also, try to make this special introduction to both parents instead of one at a time. This may be difficult for parents, one knowing the partner before the other one does. You want a smooth, direct meeting introducing your partner to your parents as your girlfriend with both of them present in a comfortable environment.

Be Happy

Your parents’ overall concern is for your happiness. You might be nervous or scared, but you need to show them how happy you and your girlfriend are together. This happiness that lights across your face will be transmitted to your parents. In return, your parents will see this happiness and hopefully be more inclined to the well-being of the relationship. As long as they know that you are happy, they are more likely to be happy for you and accepting of your new partner. So always stay positive during this initial meet-and-greet. Even if there is an awkward moment or something may have seemed negative, continue to be positive about the relationship and the meeting.
Allow for everyone to be heard at the dinner table. You don’t want to speak for either your partner or your parents. You can surely start a conversation and help to guide it saying “Yes, Christine is an excellent teacher, tell them more about your classes, Chris.” Giving everyone the opportunity to speak and be heard helps to make the communication and transition easier. Also try to place focus on something other than being a lesbian. Talk about anything that any other couple would talk about. Stay relaxed and if at any time you feel overwhelmed just take a deep breath and a sip of water. In the end, you will see the success of the evening and the advancement that you just took with both your partner and your parents.
Good luck and be strong. This is an amazing part of your experience and journey introducing a person that you love into your family. Be receptive and understanding of your family. It may take time for them to understand but they will eventually see your true love and the happiness that you share with this incredible person.

dating safety keeps your online experience nicerWhen you join online lesbian dating sites there is always the chance of someone stalking you. While this is not the norm at online dating sites, you should still know how to deal with this sort of situation. Online dating is a great way to meet new people and to start new romances but it does come with its own situations that have to be dealt with. Most of the people you will meet will go in and out of your life until you find the people who either become friends or lovers. Cyber stalking may never even happen to you but when it does, you need to have the tools to know how to deal with it.

What is a Stalker?

Sadly, there are always a few people who do not know how to take rejection. They want to know why you do not like them or want to be your friend when you are not interested. Even after you tell them to quit communicating with you they search you out everywhere to talk to you. They bombard your email inbox with tons of messages every day. When you block them from your email, they find you on your chat site or Facebook. The worst-case scenario is when you have met someone in person and then choose not to see her again, and then she starts following you around in real-life situations.

How to Stop a Stalker

Once you realize that you are being stalked there are some things you can do to stop it. This really depends on how far they have taken the stalking. The following are some tips to help you stop a stalker from invading your life:

  • On a Lesbian Online Dating Site – The first thing you need to do is contact support and alert them to the behavior of their member. If the site does nothing about it and does not stop them from stalking you then you should block the person. If this does not work, you may have to create a new profile and cancel your old one. This can keep them from finding you and continuing their behavior. As a last ditch resort, you could discontinue using the service altogether and join another online lesbian dating site.
  • Your Personal Email Account – When you sign up for your online dating site you should have created a separate email account for that purpose. In this way you can simply send all of their communications to your spam folder. You never have to see it and they do not even know that you are not bothered by them. Even if you did not set up a separate account, you can still forward their emails to the spam folder.
  • In Real Life – If you find that you are being stalked in real life then you need to take immediate action. You should call your local police station and file a report. If there is serious harassment or threats of violence then a restraining order is your next step. Make sure that you keep any communication that they text or email to you as evidence of their behavior. All states have some laws against stalking and if you have the proof you can have them arrested and sent to jail.


Not everyone that you reject at a lesbian dating site is going to become a stalker. Many people go through the online dating process with no problems at all. They make good friends and even find love and committed relationships. But it is smart to be prepared for those rare times when someone just will not take no for an answer and starts stalking you. When you feel that your life is threatened, do not wait for something bad to happen to you, go to the police immediately and protect yourself.

Your online presence on lesbian sites can be privateFor one reason or another, some homosexual or bisexual women choose to keep their lesbian lifestyles private. This may be because they have concerns over how it will affect their professional lives, or possibly because they have not come out to their families or sometimes just because they don’t want to make a “scene” over their sexual lifestyle.
Whatever the reason you might be deciding to keep your lesbian lifestyle private, online dating allows you to do so more easily. You can choose a username that is not your real name or is a nickname or some version of your real name and get to know people better before making the decision to meet in person or tell them who you really are. If you do meet someone special, you can make the decision to meet more discreetly if that’s what you choose and no one else has to know about it.

Lesbian Dating Sites

Today lesbian dating sites give you more opportunity for meeting other singles that share your same interests without worrying about whether or not she’s into women or whether your approach will come off the wrong way or offend someone. It’s tough being a lesbian in the everyday world. Unless you go to special bars or clubs, it can be much more difficult to find out if a woman is “that way” and if she’s into you or if she’s just a friend or just trying to be nice.
You definitely don’t want to walk around asking every attractive female “are you a lesbian?” so what other options do you have? A good lesbian friend once told me “the dating pool is much smaller for us” and I know exactly what she meant. This could be one reason why lesbians in a small community end up with one another. They feel they don’t have so many choices.

Finding a True Match

When you add to the mix all of those women who just want to mess around or experiment but are not looking for a true relationship with another woman, it’s easy to see how frustrating it can be. But dating online takes much of this out of the equation for you. It’s assumed that everyone here is lesbian and while there may be a few fake profiles or those who are just curious, it’s still a bigger database than you likely have in your hometown.
Another issue is that while it’s unfortunate, homosexuals are not yet seen as equals in many communities. There might be lots of lesbians in your home town but you don’t even know about them because they are afraid of going public with their sexuality. It has caused people to lose jobs, miss out on promotions and other opportunities and even become the victims of harassment and abuse. While tolerance is growing in our society, it’s still easy to understand why some women choose to keep such matters private- or at least private until they meet the one who is worth going public over.

How Lesbian Dating Sites Help

If you’re trying to keep your lifestyle private, lesbian dating sites can help. First, you can sign up and set up just like any other dating site. Use this opportunity to post some about yourself and what you are looking for in a partner or a date. Then you can also use this opportunity to look for other eligible singles. You may look for women in your area but if the pool seems small, you should consider looking outside your area.
If you had to relocate once you found the woman of your dreams, would that really be so bad? The only people who have to know you are on a lesbian dating site are other singles that you meet on the site and anyone you choose to reveal this information to. To everyone else, you can keep it private.
Once you have met someone on your lesbian dating site who you want to go out with, you may consider dating outside of your city or outside of town from where you live and work. This will mean lower risk that someone you know will see you or report back that you are out on a date with a woman. The added benefit to this is visiting locations, restaurants, etc., that maybe you would have never visited before.
There are many different professions that have to worry about this and practice such discretion but one that is hit hard is the teaching profession. Many parents still seem to have a big issue with homosexual teachers working with their students, although there is no evidence that this is any different than a heterosexual teacher, some people are still biased and this can cost you your job. But meeting a fellow lesbian on a dating site and choosing to attend the date outside of town may help you protect your privacy and your job.
For many lesbians who live in fear of their lifestyle, once they meet that very special person, the fear dissipates. They know that this is the one and it’s time to come open with it, even if some people don’t like it. But how will you ever meet that person if you don’t get out there and start dating? Lesbian dating sites can help you take the fear and uncertainty out of this.

If you are a woman dating a woman, there are some things you need to know about your first date. This is much like anyone going on a first date. However, you may feel like you have become an expert on “first dates.” Do you feel like you are always having first dates but less often having follow-up dates? Do you want to see a woman more than just once or twice in order to find out if she is right for you? Don’t beat yourself up thinking there is something wrong with you.
First, women are quite picky. They tend to know exactly what they want and they can spot it really quickly if they don’t think they’ve found it. We can be very critical and sometimes your nerves might be keeping you from making a good first impression. Or maybe the person you are dating is just nervous and judges you too harshly because she is also very nervous.
There are a lot of reasons why a first date can go badly but sometimes you set yourself up for failure by the way you enter the date. Here are some tips for first dates with women dating women.

First Date Tips and Guidelines

Before you go on your first date, here are some things to consider:

  • Pre-date jitters: Are you relaxed? Pre-date jitters are to be expected but if you are overly nervous on your first date, you could give your date the wrong impression. Avoid drinking to try to calm the jitters. Instead, try relaxation exercises or deep breathing. You want to make sure you are alert and that your mood is not altered by substances.
  • Feel the part: Are you wearing something that makes you feel good? You should dress the part by dressing confidently and appropriately for the situation. You want to feel comfortable and you don’t want to worry about your outfit while you are trying to get to know your date partner.
  • Be real: Are you being yourself? One of the most important things you can do is be real with your date. Don’t’ try to pretend to be something that you’re not or who you think she wants you to be. Don’t be cocky or arrogant but be real and be yourself. She will appreciate your honesty.
  • Know what to say: It can be tough to know what to say on a first date, especially if you’re feeling a bit nervous but when you plan what you’re going to say first, you can help keep the conversation flowing. Remember that you don’t want to get too serious your first date. Keep it light and friendly. You always want to be sure you give her a fair chance to chat as much as you are chatting back. Ask her questions and don’t monopolize the conversation.
  • Know where to go: Your choice of venue could be very important for the date. You want it to be a place that you are both comfortable with, where you can have a good time but also where you can spend some time chatting and getting to know one another. If you go to one of your preferred hangouts, your friends and buddies might interrupt the date too much. A movie is always a nice choice but it doesn’t give you a chance to chat so you should add a dinner date before or after the movie so you can get to know one another a little better.
  • Body language: Did you know that your body language says a lot about you? You may be sending the wrong impression to your date and not even know it. How do you sit? Are you slumped over? Are you leaning in to see what she has to say? Are you giving her your full attention? Your body language will give her the idea of how you are feeling on the date.
  • Pay attention: Make sure you focus on your date, pay attention to what she is saying, her body language and her likes and dislikes. Don’t get so wrapped up in yourself and your jitters that you fail to read her signals or see the messages she is sending you. It’s likely she is nervous too and you just need to tune in, focus and make her feel appreciated. This is a sure fire way to get a second date.
  • First dates are all about getting to know the person and deciding if you want to go on a second date. If you’re not setting the right tone for your date then this might be why you are only getting first dates and never getting that second date that you desperately want.

There are components to every relationship.

Many people feel that lesbian dating is easy because they think — Hey, they’re both women, so they should get along in a relationship, after there is a friendship! This is no more true than when two heterosexual people of the opposite sex meet and are friends, with no love or sexual interest with each other. Just because two people like each other as friends, no matter their sexual orientation, does not mean that they will eventually become lovers. If this were the case, everyone who enjoyed a friendship would eventually date — and this is simply not possible, let alone advisable. So how does being compatible make a difference in lesbian dating?

Sharing Common Interests

One way that you can know if you are compatible when you meet at a lesbian dating site is when you share common interests. This gives you a starting point for conversations; and when you decide to meet in real life, you can do these activities on your dates. There are a wide variety of interests you could have, such as watching sports, going shopping or talking over a good book at a coffee shop. In some cases there may not be any common interests but instead simply an attraction between you two. In that case you may want to find interests that you can share, because physical attraction is not the only issue in a good relationship.

Physical Attraction Does Play a Part

While sharing common interests is important for a solid relationship and can help you to be compatible with your lover, physical attraction is important too. If you see a profile on an online lesbian dating site and you are not at all attracted to the person, then it doesn’t matter what the common interests are. This is not to say that you could not grow to like or even love that person, but it is human nature to go with the first impression. What you need to do is find a balance between the physical attraction and the shared interests in order to have a totally compatible relationship.

Turning Friendship into Love

You may have started chatting with someone you did not think that you would be compatible with at your lesbian online dating site. She contacted you, and over the course of time you have become friends. It seems as though you start thinking about her more often and suddenly you realize that you have feelings for her. Can friendship indeed turn into love? Of course it can — and these are some of the strongest relationships you will have. When you go from being friends into lovers, then you know you have a relationship that will stay strong and that can stand the test of time.

How to Successfully Browse Profiles

OK, so now you know some hints about compatibility and how being compatible with your love interest can make your relationship strong. So how does that translate into finding love at an online dating site? When you are looking through profiles, you should look for those that both attract you physically AND where you share the same interests. Do not discount someone who contacts you if attraction is weak because even if you do not build a relationship she may end up being a good friend. Friendship is foundation; and it lasts long. It is part of most long-term relationships.


There is not much difference between lesbian dating and other dating scenarios. When you sign up for a lesbian online dating site, you need to go in with an open mind. Look for those ladies who not only attract you physically but who stimulate you mentally too. A strong friendship can be the basis of lifetime love for you and your girlfriend.

two lesbian girls about to go outGoing out on your first lesbian date is an exciting and memorable event in your life. Even if you have gone out on dates before, this is your first date with someone new in your life. There is always a certain amount of expectations and nervousness that pass through one’s head before going out but this shouldn’t affect how the date goes. When nerves become an issue, it is because the spot you went to didn’t allow you to be comfortable. So if you are very nervous or feel like you are only going out on first dates, it is time to choose the right places you should go on your first lesbian date.

Comfort is Key

You always want to be yourself as much as you can on your first date. If you are uncomfortable in the spots that you are choosing because you think that your date will enjoy them, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Since you are choosing the spot make it a place where you love to go. This excitement and enjoyment that you bring to the date by choosing something in your comfort zone allows you to be you. Your date will have a great time and therefore, you will start going out on more second, third, fourth, etc dates.

Is It Wrong to Choose a Place That I Like?

Some women may think that it is selfish not to have a date spot in mind for the person that they are going out with. There is a reason why you are going out on your first date; to get to know each other. If you don’t know your date then you might not actually know what they like. It is much better to choose a place that is special and comfortable for you, then to think of a date spot that your date might like but you might hate. Plus, once you can get through the first date and get to know each other better, then you can create a great second date that you know that both of you will definitely enjoy and she will know that you had her especially in mind!

How Out Are You Girls?

Another element to keep in mind when you are going out with someone for the first time is to know and accept how “out” you and she are. If you are not totally out, you might want to do something low-key. If the lady you are going out with isn’t completely out of the closet then you might not want to go to a place that puts her out in the spotlight. You might think of places that are further away than a local hangout. This will allow both of you to relax a little more on your date without the worry of someone you or she knows bumping into you.

Where Should I Take My Date?

Now it comes down to where you should actually take your date. Once you have all of the fine details worked out, you should have a pretty good idea of where to go and where not to go depending on your comfort and level of “outness.” Some of the best dates start out at a local bar or coffee shop. This doesn’t mean to take your date out to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts but choose an intimate spot where your order is something quick and simple, not a very big commitment of time. The problem with going out to dinner is that you might not be as interested in this person as you may think. Sitting through an hour-long dinner can be torturous.
By choosing to go to a bar or a coffee shop, you can have your drink and within the first few minutes you will know whether or not you actually want to be with this person. In the case that you girls are hitting it off, you can have a back- up restaurant in mind and continue your date. If you are not really feeling this person, then you can gracefully and quickly make your exit.

What About Going to the Movies?

Going to catch a flick can be hit or miss. Think about it. Why are you going out on your first date? You want to get to know this woman. So do you really think sitting next to your date for the next two or three hours is helping you to get to know her? Maybe. You might get a little chit chat in when you meet up, wait on line for tickets and waiting for previews. If you can learn a lot about someone via observation, going to the movies could be an option. You can see what type of humor she has, a couple of views on politics and life and the type of junk food she likes to snack on. Other than that, you really aren’t getting to know anything else about her. The movies are dark and can be romantic with hand-holding without too many onlookers so it could be private enough for both of you, especially if one or both of you are hesitant about showing affection in public.

An Element of Fun on Your First Date

You want to have fun when you go on your first date. Leave the heavy stuff for another day. Most girls just want to have fun like the Cyndi Lauper song. If you aren’t showing your date a good time, there really isn’t a hope that subsequent dates will be any more fun than the first. So where can you have fun, be comfortable and be able to get to know your date? Here are just a few ideas but definitely feel free to add to this list:
— Bowling: It’s nice and physical (see “Stay Active,” below), and everyone basically knows how.
— Concert: Provides something to talk about afterwards.
— Batting Cages: More physical, and if your date has never been there, it’s pretty easy to teach her how, and it’s easier than an actual game.
— An Arcade: There are so many great arcade games now, it’s for nearly everyone.
— Mini Golf: A nice leisurely, structured, outdoor activity.
— Museum: You can do lots of talking while you walk and look.
If you have a special talent, you can always teach or share your passion. During the summer, going out to the tennis courts could be a lot of fun, to teach your date how to play and hit the ball back and forth a few times. You will be active and this can help you out.

Stay Active on Your Date

Being active on a date does a lot of positive things for you. If you are nervous, you can sweat out all of the nerves. You also bring your focus onto what you are doing, which allows you to relax and be yourself. You are not necessarily concentrating on impressing your date, which you might be doing if you are on a passive date like at the movies. You also get your endorphins flowing. Your endorphins are like your happy juice. Your date is more likely to have a better time afterwards with her endorphins on high, making her smile, than on low.
Take a little time out of your day to figure out a great, fun date where you know that you will be comfortable and show your date an excellent time. Everyone’s different; and it is up to you to use your best judgment when it comes to finding the perfect place to have your first lesbian date.